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Sunday, April 4, 2010

I've been really really thinking about this...

and do you know what's the very hardest part for me in the writing/publishing process? The first editing letter. Yep, I'm on book # 3 now-- Pumpkin Princess and I got my editing letter a little over a week ago.

(Nope- this pic has nothing to do with the book but it's cute right?)

I'm having such a hard time getting going! I really need a kick start. There's something about that first letter that always overwhelms me. Like I can't wrap my head around the changes needed. After we've gone back and forth with edits a few times it's not as hard to alter the book but I have some crazy fear that I'm going to ruin it or not be able to make the needed cuts or add awesome new scenes with that first round. So then I find other things I need to do like check facebook or watching Lara Zielin's Editing letter video on You Tube for the 20th time.

Ugh. Ok, somebody give me a push. I have to try and get some work done...


Mother Hen said...

Hi Kristina,
I think your book about the coffee house sounds excellent and when I come over to The States this summer, I will look out for it for my daughter and I.
Get editing.

Kristina Springer said...

Thanks Mother Hen! :-)