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Friday, April 23, 2010

I Love When Baristas Read My Book

This morning I went back to the coffee shop where I had my launch party 6 months ago, Fat Bean Cafe.

I hadn't been there since-- not because I don't love them or have given up coffee (Gasp! No!) but only because it's a bit out of the way and well, been busy and all that. So, anyway, I order my coffee and the smiley barista says, "I knew you were going to order that." Me=giggle. "Huh?"
See, I had forgotten that I gave them a copy of the book at the party. And the barista told me that they loved it and all passed it around and ever since have been trying to guess people's drinks and figure out who should go out with who. She then went on to tell me about their various customers and how they match up with different characters in my book. Like who's an Americano and who's a soy latte. And she said I'm always right on. Yay! I love it!! :-) This totally made my day! I kinda want a sticker now that says "Barista Approved" on the book.

1 comment:

LiLi said...

Cute story, "Barista Approved!" would look super cool on the book, esp. since it's true, lol.