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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Fake Boyfriend is Better Than Yours

Here's the cover and summary for my middle grade coming out 8/31/10:


Tori Barnes can’t believe she has to face the first day of seventh grade alone but something’s up with her BFF, Sienna Baker. Sienna went away on a family vacation for the whole summer and Tori hasn’t heard a peep from her in six weeks. At school, Tori is shocked at the new Sienna: tan, confident, and full of stories about her new dreamy boyfriend. Tori refuses to believe that one summer at a beach can change her BFF this much. The kids at school are even treating her differently.

Sienna has always been crazy shy around guys so Tori knows that she’s totally making this guy up. And two can play at that game. Sick of Sienna’s endless tales of Mr. Wonderful, Tori invents her own fake boyfriend. And she makes sure that her boyfriend is better than Sienna’s in every way. If Sienna’s guy sends her carnations, Tori’s sends her roses. If Sienna says she talked to her guy online for an hour, Tori says she talked to hers for two hours. Things are going great—unless you count the whole lying to your best friend thing—until everyone starts talking about the back-to-school dance and insisting Tori and Sienna bring their boyfriends . . .

Funny and true to life, Kristina Springer’s newest novel will be loved by all readers who know that a good friend comes before a boyfriend—be he real or fake—every time.

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