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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Author2Author is ONE MONTH old today! (Remember celebrating each month anniversary with old boyfriends? Or was that just me? I even did cards. LOSER! :-) ) It's been a great month though and I think all the posts have been fascinating and fun. Today was my day to blog and I talked all about my deep secret Character Confessions. They are so scandalous that I can't repost them here. But you can go take a look if you want--

In other news, line edits on The Espressologist are almost finished! I should be getting them in the near future. Yikes! Why does that make me nervous? I know it is just another step in the process but since this is my first time I can only imagine what line edits entail. Hopefully it is just line after line of notes like "Brilliant!" "Amazing!" "You changed me entire life with this line!" Hee hee.

On the writing front, I am still finishing up Night at Claire's. My critique partners are done reading it so now I have to go back and fix all the problems and make it shiny and pretty. I also started a new YA (about 4k in) that we'll just call Perfect Kiss for short (My title is awfully long. That's not good huh?) so I'm kinda flip-flopping between the two. I'm not sure if I'll go on with Perfect Kiss or start something else new. I'm feeling awfully wishy-washy these days. But that could be a pregnancy side affect.

Random Fun Fact Gathered from Gossip Mag in Doctor's Office Today: Did you know that Victoria Beckham has received one yellow rose EVERY SINGLE DAY from her hubby since they got married in 1999? It's somewhere over 3000 roses. Do you think that is terribly sweet or that would get totally old? I get crabby after awhile and I can see myself being like dude-- lay off the stupid yellow roses! (side note: I DO love roses.). If you really want to be helpful, buy me an iced mocha for every single day we've been married. :-)