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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holidaze recap

This past Saturday was the awesome Holidaze with the Debs signing-- Chicago stop. And let me tell you, it was SO MUCH FUN!

After meeting up at my house, the first stop was the Bolingbrook Borders. And I love that Borders-- the manager Lynn is awesome and they brought us coffee and treats while we were signing. Here is the display of our books:

(Note: some of these photos are snagged from Lara Zielin. It's easy to tell which-- crappier looking pics=my camera. Beautiful, hi-res pics=Lara's hubby's camera)

And can we throw up a cute table or what?

Here's the group shot of us: Cynthea Liu, Lara Zielin, Aprilynne Pike, Me, Darcy Vance, and Saundra Mitchell.

After the signing, we stopped back at my house to pick up fellow Deb, Kristin Walker (her book is coming out 2/4/10). Here's me and Kristin:

And we headed to Chicago for signing #2. First stop was Cynthea Liu's BEAUTIFUL home. Wow, we all wanted to move in! And the infamous Snoop is just as cute as you can imagine. Then we went to Pequod's for a group dinner before the signing.

And finally the super fun signing at The Book Cellar.

Awesome, awesome store. Our books looked awfully cute here too. Speaking of which, if you're looking for signed copies of any of our books for holiday gifts-- we signed loads here and at the Borders in Bolingbrook. Stop by either location and pick one up.

It was really cool to see Ronni and Adam Selzer too! I've been following them on LJ forever so meeting in person was great. Here's me, Aprilynne, and Ronni.

And finally, here's a shot of me and Lara signing.

After the signing, several of the Debs came back to my house for a slumber party. Fun! There was cheesy movie watching, gossiping, too much butter tart eating (Kristin Walker is a culinary goddess!) and Truth or Dare-ing. Well, there really wasn't much need for dares since we're a pretty chatty/open group. :-)

Such a fun time! Can't wait for the next group signing!