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Friday, May 27, 2011

Yay Summer!

I'm so excited for summer to start. One more week of school for the kids and then we're free! Of course, check back in with me in a month and I'll probably be looking forward to the school year. :-) But I am so ready for fun w/ the kiddos and catching up on my writing projects. I did just finish revising one book and I absolutely adore this book so I reeeeally hope it sells! And I've got one more book to revise and a short story to write for the Debs Anthology. NYT Bestselling author Jessica Verday put the group of 25 together and the anthology comes out in ebook format this fall and it's going to be hot! Such a cool list of authors contributing! And I'm excited to try the indie pub experience.

Today's also my baby boy's birthday and while excited for him I'm a little bummed! I can't believe my littlest is three. It's hard letting them grow up! How cute is his cake today?

And have I mentioned how much I LOVE the Scholastic Book Fair? Seriously, I go broke when it comes to my kids' school. They have such awesome deals! I love when you can get a book that everywhere else is $20 in hardcover for $6 in paperback at the fair. I volunteer a lot at the kids' school so I got to work the fair a couple of days and I came home with bags of books. And it was so fun to see my book there too!

Right before the fair I went to talk to the 4th grade girl scouts since they were working on a writing badge. They were so darn adorable. The were asking great questions and listening to me describe the publishing process with The Espressologist. When I pulled out My Fake Boyfriend is Better Than Yours they squealed! So cute! I guess they had all seen it in the Scholastic Flier. It was totally my Justin Bieber moment.

I'm looking forward to Printer's Row in Chicago next weekend (June 4th). It's always such a great fair and this year I'm doing a panel @12:30PM on the Mash Stage with a lot of really cool writers: Ellen Booraem, Ilene Cooper, Brenda Ferber, and C. Alexander London. I love doing events with other writers!

I also just sent JUST YOUR AVERAGE PRINCESS off on an arc tour at Around the World Arc Tours. I love the idea of an arc travelling around to different bloggers. I seriously only had two extra arcs this time and one went to my film agent and the other went to Around the World.

And I just realized I didn't recap the "Oprah Experience" on here but I did write it up for A2A here if you want to read. It was pretty darn cool I have to say!

Are you guys excited for summer too? My mind is so full of lists of things I want to do. I can't wait to get started. And it's a holiday weekend so now is a good time. Have a great Memorial Day!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Guess Where I'm Going Next Week??


I got tix to her Farewell Surprise Spectacular on Tuesday! I can't wait to go! What to wear though??