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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Goings on this Week: A list

1) The Espressologist is now out on kindle! Whoo hoo!

2) I've been talking about becoming more swagalicious over on our group blog at Author2Author. And in my first attempt I have designed and ordered stickers for The Espressologist!

Ok, the photo is a bit blurry since I just took it with my phone (ignore the Princess walkie talkie behind it) but aren't they cute? Much cuter in hand. If you want one e-mail me and I'll mail it to you. Kristina (at)

3) And since I've got some good swag I'm ready for another author fair this Saturday, April 10th! If you're in the area of Bolingbrook, IL I'll be at their Author Fair (Fountaindale Public Library, with a ton of other authors from 11am-3pm. We'll be chatting, signing books, and trying our darnedest to look cute. Stop by if you can!

4) I joined Young Adult Authors Against Bullying and you should too. Join at the facebook page and stay tuned for an anthology in the future with bullying experiences from a ton of Young Adult authors.

5) My super sweet editor just sent me Jessica Brody's new book, The Karma Club. I'm sooooo excited to read this!

5) My friend/co-blogger at A2A Lisa Schroeder is having an awesome week! She just sold another wonderful verse novel called, The Day Before. Details here.

6) Other than all this good stuff, I've sworn off sugar and had my first kettlebell class this week (Oh, my god) so you know, revisions are going swell. Nothing like being cranky and in pain from head to toe to help get some work done.

What's up with you?

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