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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Espresso Love

I love espresso. And coffee. Totally addicted. By 10 a.m. every morning I have to make myself a nonfat iced mocha (with my shiny red Starbucks Barista espresso machine) or I lose my mind. Seriously. My kids say-- "Mommy go make your coffee milk" (their name for it) if I get off schedule. I've been doing this for years.

My kitchen is, you guessed it, entirely espresso themed. The walls are a pretty pumpkin color and I have cappuccino and espresso mugs on the walls and various cafe signs all around. My favorite is one over the entrance way that says "Espresso Yourself". There are also tiles with cafe scenes around and a framed picture of me, my husband, and two of our kids having drinks outside a cafe in Paris (that had the absolute best chocolaty espresso drink I've ever had in my life--and I'm still trying to figure out the recipe). I won't post the picture because there was a weird flash thing and for some reason my husband has a shadow around his mouth that makes him look a bit like a tall Barney Rubble so he probably wouldn't want me to post it. :-) But I will show you my newest addition to my kitchen decor. I found the cutest cafe shop chalkboard last week--and I can write my own specials on it. Yay! I'm like a mini-Starbucks!

I know my love for espresso is what prompted me to write THE ESPRESSOLOGIST. Because I've spent so much time in coffee shops and after awhile I felt like I really could tell what type of drink each person "was". So why not start matchmaking right? Instead I wrote a book about it.

There are still two more years before my book comes out (which seems like forever) but I'll be drinking lots of espressos and doing lots of writing to pass the time.