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Thursday, March 24, 2016

LRC Discoveries #2

Another day volunteering at my kid's jr. high library!! And this time I didn't just shelve books I got to cover new ones too. SO MUCH FUN. I really need to get a part-time library job don't I? Anyway, here are this week's gems I found while shelving to add to my TBR pile.

First up, The Boy Problem by Kami Kinard (Scholastic Press/April 2014). I'm a sucker for a good title and a cute cover and this one had both. Then I saw the description:

"Tabitha 'Tabbi' Reddy believes in signs. Like fortune cookies. Magic 8-Balls. Shooting stars. And this year, she hopes, looking for the right signs will lead her to the right boy Inspired by her BFF, Kara (star of THE BOY PROJECT), Tabbi starts her own 'project' in the hopes of finding a cute crush. With the help of a math lesson on probability, Tabbi tries to predict who the right boy for her might be Where is she most likely to meet him? What is he most likely to look like? Full of fun illustrations, hilarious equations, and lessons in cupcake-baking, life, love, and friendship, this book has a 100% probability of awesomeness. A perfect 'next step' for fans of DORK DIARIES."

Predicting the right boy for her? I love it!

Next up:

Lily B. on the Brink of Love by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel (Harper Collins/December 2006). It's an oldie but it looks so good! This is why I love shelving at the junior high LRC! At the book club I visited with last one of the 5th graders asked me, "Do you notice you write about falling in love a lot?" I hadn't really thought about it but yep, I'm a sucker for love stories. Anyway, check out Lily B.:

"Aspiring author and eighth-grader Lily Blennerhassett hones her writing skills as her school newspaper's advice columnist while also trying to get her first crush, The Boy, to notice her."

Sounds super cute! The last pick this week is:
Unfriended by Rachel Vail (Viking Children's/September 2014). I haven't read this yet but seeing it reminded me that it has to move up on the list. I'm dying to see how all the social media stuff plays out in the book.

"In middle school, nothing is more important than friendship. 

When Truly is invited to sit at the Popular Table with the group she has dreamed of joining, she can hardly believe her luck. Everyone seems so nice, so kind to one another. But all is not as it seems with her new friends, and soon she's caught in a maelstrom of lies, misunderstandings, accusations and counter-accusations, all happening very publicly in the relentless, hyperconnected social media world from which there is no escape.

Six eighth-graders, four girls and two boys, struggle to understand and process their fractured glimples into one another's lives as they find new ways to disconnect, but also to connect, in Rachel Vail's richest and most searching book."

Sounds good right? My days need to be longer so I can read ALL the books!