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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Arcs, new ideas, and school visits oh my

Catching up! It's been a bit of a strange week. My 7-yr old had his tonsils out so I've been mostly taking care of him. But some really cool things have been going on this week too. Like...


Aren't they so cute?? I love them! The first thing I did was drop one of at my mom's house so her and my dad could read (and mom could see that I dedicated this book to her. :-) ). And, according to the back of the ARC, the book will be coming out in August! YAY! It's coming up! I'm so dang excited about this!

I'm also working on a new book that I'm super jazzed about. I want to spend all my time writing but life and family and other things keep getting in the way. There is a lot of reading I need to do for this project though so I am getting through that fast. I'll share more about it when I can but right now I'm in that YAY, I LOVE MY NEW BOOK IDEA! mode. Which is one of the best times as a writer.

Lastly, yesterday I had an awesome school visit with the Westmont Junior High Writer's Club. I was super impressed with the turnout, considering these kids had to stay after school to see me. I'd say there were maybe 30-35 people there. And they are so smart! Of course that's given as they're all writers. :-) But it was great to see how many kids (6th through 8th graders) are already writing their own books! I never tried more than short stories at that age. Very impressive. And they asked lots of really great questions too! And of course some that made me laugh like- Do you know Stephanie Meyer? How big is your house? How much do they pay you? :-) They were also very sweet and had lots of cookies and gave me flowers and gave me the signs they made advertising the event. Aren't they so cute?

Now I'm thinking about my post on Author2Author tomorrow. This week we're talking about book trailers. I still can't decide how I feel about them. Do you guys think every book needs a book trailer? What if the book is more tween or middle grade? Hmmmm.


Book Addict Girl said...

OMG, your ARC is too cute. Congrats!

And how cute are those kids? Do you know Stephenie Meyer? lol. Adorable!

TerryLynnJohnson said...

Yay for ARC's! You must be so thrilled. I'm thinking I like trailers. I'll post more on your other blog.

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

I LOVE book trailers and have been making my own for THE HEALING SPELL (July, Scholastic) the past few months, but it has been a ton of work, although fun, too, and I've learned a lot. I often do see trailers on blogs about books that I have not heard of and have gone out to get that book to read based on an intriguing trailer so I think they work. I DO wonder, like you, whether kids in our target age range see them or find them. And my upcoming book is middle-grade, too.

Congrats on the ARCs and a new book!!!

Kristina Springer said...

Yeah, I can see trailers being ok if you're not spending a fortune on it and doing it yourself. Kimberley-- did you see on my other blog (A2A)? Kate mentioned that she didn't think kids under 13 had access to see the trailers. I can see that.