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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Interview with Kristin Walker, author of A MATCH MADE IN HIGH SCHOOL

Kristin Walker is visiting my blog today to talk about her book A MATCH MADE IN HIGH SCHOOL. Yay! I'm sure you've already heard about Kristin's fun book but let's find out a bit more about her.

KRISTINA: What's your very favorite thing about your book (Certain chap? Scene? Cover?)?

KRISTIN: I really like the characters. I wish they were real and I could hang out with them. And be 17 again. And really hot this time. And super smart. And uber-talented and rich and not say stupid things like a goof-ball. And have amazing fashion sense and taste in music. And have a magic carpet that takes me around the world to all the hottest clubs on the weekend. And have a pet monkey. And...

Wait, what was the question?

KRISTINA: Where do you do most of your writing?

KRISTIN: I have a laptop, so I roam around the house, depending on where the noise is that my kids are making. I have a desk I use, and I also like curl up in bed.

KRISTINA: What's the naughtiest thing you did in high school that you DIDN'T get caught doing (Fess up now!)

KRISTIN: Oh, man I was such a wimp in high school. I never liked to break rules. I think I did one or two mildly naughty things, but I got caught every time.

KRISTINA: What's your favorite coffee drink? (If you don't like coffee, WHY NOT?! Really, what do you like to drink then while you're writing?)

KRISTIN: LOVE coffee. I drink half-caf with skim milk. Well, I prefer half-and-half really, but I weaned myself off of it for the sake of my tight jeans.

When I really want a treat, though, I like a caramel macchiato. I really hope that's not a dork drink. But I suspect it is. I don't care, they're yummy.

KRISTINA: Thanks for visiting Kristin!

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