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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Anderson's Children's Literature Breakfast Re-Cap

Last weekend was the 8th Annual Children's Lit Breakfast hosted by Anderson's. And WOW, Anderson's puts on a nice event! My friends/critique partners/co-bloggers over at Author2Author, Deena and Em, came into town for it and we had such a fun time!

There were a TON of librarians and teachers there-- I think I heard something like 600.

And something like 65 Illinois authors (WOW again-- I had no idea there were so many kid lit authors here!).

The eggs were icky and the coffee non-existent (OMG, I thought I might die. I don't go without coffee. Unless I'm trapped at the top of a mountain in a blizzard. And that rarely happens.). But we weren't there for the breakfast anyway-- we were there to chat with all the fun people attending and listen to awesome speakers. The IL authors moved between tables so we were able to meet with groups of 8-10 librarians/teachers and I have to say that junior high teachers rock! So fun. And the speakers were great! My favorite was Jordan Sonnenblick. He forgot his notes at his hotel and just talking off the top of his head he was amazing enough that I got up right after he concluded and ran to the bookstore they had set up to get his book and have him sign it. Oh, how I'd love to someday be able to make people race to get my book after speaking! And of course, Richard Peck.

I've seen Richard speak several times and he's always amazing. One of my favorite things that he said was: "While Kindle may dwindle, books never crash." Ha, love it!

So yep, good time! Can't wait for next year's!

1 comment:

Trina said...

My eggs were warm, but coulda used some cheese. Maybe next year I'll bring a slice. Great seein' ya!