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Monday, March 7, 2011

I Died and Went to Library Heaven...

WOW. Our brand new library in Bolingbrook, IL (Fountaindale Library) just opened today and I didn't get a chance to get in there until just now. And I was floored! It's BEAUTIFUL! It looks like it could be a huge mall or museum. It's nothing like any library I've ever seen.

It's so big that when you walk in you feel like you're entering an airport.

And there's an info center and cafe.

Yes, CAFE!!!

The interior design is awesome. And there are computers with huge flat screen monitors everywhere you look throughout the three story building.

The Children's area is HUGE. There are toys and tons of games, and a really fun creativity center. I can't wait to bring back the kids.

One of the most AMAZING sections is the teen room called the VORTEX. It's for grades 6 through 12 and it's separate from the rest of the library.

And yay, my books were there!

Bean bags and cool chairs for the teens!

The words are made out of hanging beads!

Even the stairways are cool.

The adult section is AWESOME too! There are tables everywhere with outlets underneath for people to work (wow, Starbucks is so going to lose business...).

I can't wait to hang out more here!


GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

VERY cool! I must visit this library next time I'm in Illinois!!

DeenaML said...

Omg, it is gorgeous. I am so jealous!

Kay said...

Fountaindale Library was always progressive, but I think that they've outdone themselves with this building! Sad to think that your local Borders couldn't reinvent itself to match user needs like the library has!

Amethyst Princess said...

Can I just move there, our library is so boring compared to that. I would love a library that looks like that, I would never leave, they would just have to give me a place for a bed.

Samantha Jo @ Romance Lover Anonymous

Serendipity's Library said...

Wow what an amazing library. I consider myself a library connoisseur and this may be the sweetest library I have ever seen.