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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ten Totally True Reasons Why I Wish Some of My Boyfriends Had Been Fake, Guest Post from Saundra Mitchell

The paperback of Saundra Mitchell's SHADOWED SUMMER comes out in just three days! And because Saundra is so so cool, she agreed to write a guest post for my blog. I asked her to write something about a fake boyfriend and she came up with this brilliant list:

Ten Totally True Reasons Why I Wish Some of My Boyfriends Had Been Fake

10. Stopped in the middle of making out because he wanted to get home in time to watch
Star Trek: The Next Generation.

9. Took (Buddhist) me to a Charismatic Catholics Convention as a date- and spoke in tongues.

8. Stood me up to sit in the galley at the
Mike Tyson trial.

7. Snuck up to the green room above the theatre with me and my friends- then claimed he kissed my friend in the dark because he thought she was me.

6. Decided that Jewel's
FOOLISH GAMES was our song - before we broke up. ("Well in case you failed to notice, in case you failed to see, this is my heart bleeding before you...")

5. Thought that hopping the back fence into the drive-in after the movies started was romantic.

4. Decided to skip the prom with me- then accepted another girl's offer to go.

3. Told me that the tear-stained love letter, complete with lock of hair, from another girl was "just friendly."

2. Called me by his mother's name. More than once.

And the number one totally true reason why I wish some of my boyfriends had been fake:

1. Informed me that he was really an alien from the planet Mylar, and we were destined to be together. (Seriously. I'm not making that up. Not even a little.)

I LOVE this list Saundra!! Though I wish some of your boyfriends were fake now too after reading it!

To get a copy of Saundra's boon newly released in paperback, try these various outlets: Indiebound, Book Depository, Powell's, or Amazon.

by Saundra Mitchell
In paperback June 8, 2010


katarinas mama said...

OMGosh, I was laughing so hard!!!! So true. The alien?!??! AHAHAHAHA!!!

Lisa Schroeder said...

hahaha - so funny. Thanks for sharing girls!!

Kate Fall said...

Very funny in that "it's funny because it's true" way. Actually the Star Trek fan would've been a step up for me in high school. :)