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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

German Reviews Rock!

Oh, I did that thing. I googled myself. But for fun I googled the German version of the book-- Die Espressologin. Which brought me to the Amazon page and lots of cute reviews. Yay, they like me! They really like me! Well, most anyway. :-) This review below was especially cute because she (or he?) tells you that you must have a latte and cookies while you read. I totally agree. In fact, I think they should market it that way. One price, you get your book, coffee, and cookies. And hey, let's throw in a big comfy soft chair to sit in with just the right light and ambience in the room and no noise, well, maybe a little light music, and a big warm fire just off to your right. Perhaps some warm cozy jammies and a big fluffy blanket too. Ok, how do we package that up and sell it? :-)


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5.0 out of 5 stars Must Read! January 12, 2010 By Of Happy-end buecher - See all my reviews

The book tells the story of Jane (as a Barista Coffee Artist "), works in a small coffee shop with her best friend Em" Emily. The pair, however, have far-reaching plans, but work there for ever. Jane wants to go to a fashion school and studying law Emily.

The Freudinnen go through thick and thin and stand together as one man, especially if the bitch Melissa once again enters the coffee shop. Their friendship, however, is challenged by the love to the test ....

The book is like a latte just the foam and then the coffee - First Light and Fluffy is seductive and then spirited, to be composed in the end all to a perfect mix.

The coffee book makes reading fun and easy it is advisable with the wonderful concoction when one makes up reading. The thirst for coffee is guaranteed. ;-)

The book tells the espresso log "of a different kind of single-reunification. This is one not to sign or something similar but with shared coffee preferences, and that's very amusing to read. Just a pity that the story is just too short. -- )

Kristina Springer, the author writes in a fluid and relaxed style that is very hard to make the book even for a moment put on the hand. I would like to take this opportunity therefore to book an absolute read-warning risk of addiction, especially for coffee lovers among us and all the easy and loose, but also emotional stories like it.

So you prepare a delicious vanilla latte and put a few delicious cookies to you, and you can with a book in hand to try to understand quickly into the small coffee shop, Jane and Emily. ;-)
(T) A review of Happy End Books.

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kristin-walker said...

AWESOME! Go Germany!

Congrats, mein Freundin!!