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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Interview with Sydney Salter, author of Jungle Crossing

Sydney Salter is pretty busy this year with two new books! She's back to talk about her second book, JUNGLE CROSSING.

About Jungle Crossing

Thirteen-year-old Kat can think of dozens of good reasons not to go on a boring family vacation to hot, grungy Mexico. Number one: missing her friend Fiona's minicamp. If she's not there, she'll begin eighth grade as a social reject. And it looks like she's the odd girl out on vacation, too. When Kat's parents arrange for her and her younger sister, Barb, to go on a teen adventure tour, Barb makes more friends than she does. The only person who will talk to Kat is Nando, a young Mayan guide (who happens to be quite a cutie). Each day as they travel to different Mayan ruins, Nando tells Kat and Barb another installment in the original legend of Muluc, a girl who lived in the time of the Ancient Maya. The dangerous, dramatic world in which Muluc lives is as full of rivalry, betrayal, jealousy, and sacrifice as Kat's world at school. And as she makes new friends and discovers new treasures in Mexico, Kat begins to wonder: Is she willing to keep sacrificing her self in exchange for popularity?

Our Interview:

Kristina: What's your very favorite thing about your book (Certain chap? Scene? Cover?)

Sydney: I love the setting--the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. I've traveled extensively in that region and loved writing about my favorite places in Jungle Crossing.

Kristina: Where do you do most of your writing?

Sydney: When I wrote Jungle Crossing I took a lot of notes while on a family vacation in Mexico. Pool side writing is pretty hard to beat! I used almost all of my notes in the novel. I guess I need to go on more vacations, right? Please? Pretty please?

Kristina: What's the naughtiest thing you did in junior high school that you DIDN'T get caught doing (Fess up now!)

Sydney: A girl teased me about having hairy legs in 6th grade so I shaved my legs with my mom's razor after school. I felt so guilty when my mom came home that night with my very own razor. I couldn't tell her what I'd done. I had very smooth legs that day!

Kristina: What did you do on the release day of Jungle Crossing?

Sydney: I celebrated at my favorite Mexican restaurant with family and friends. Mmm... salsa!

Kristina: What's your favorite coffee drink? (If you don't like coffee, WHY NOT?! Really, what do you like to drink then while you're writing?)

Sydney: I do as the Mayans do--and drink hot chocolate. Sometimes with chili peppers!

Kristina: Thanks for stopping by Sydney! Good luck with your book!

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