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Thursday, February 11, 2016

LRC Discoveries #1

I may have mentioned before on my blog that I love to volunteer at my kids' schools. One of my fave volunteer gigs is working in the junior high LRC. While shelving books I find GEMS that I must add to my TBR pile. Here are two of this week's LRC Discoveries:

First up, The League of Unexceptional Children by Gitty Daneshvari (Little Brown/October 2015). The title grabbed me right away. What? Ordinary kids? No super powers, shape-shifting, head cheerleader, or varsity football players? Then I opened the flap and saw: 

"When people say that 'the children are the future,' they aren't talking about me."
- Jonathan Murray, 12 
Evanston, Virginia

Omg, you won me over. How flippin' funny is this? Then I read the description:

"Are you average? Normal? Forgettable? If so, the League of Unexceptional Children is for you! This first book in a hilarious new adventure series is for anyone who's struggled to be noticed in a sea of above-average overachievers.

What is the League of Unexceptional Children? I'm glad you asked. You didn't ask? Well, you would have eventually and I hate to waste time. The League of Unexceptional Children is a covert network that uses the nation's most average, normal, and utterly unexceptional children as spies. Why the average kids? Why not the brainiacs? Or the beauty queens? Or the jocks? It's simple: People remember them. But not the unexceptionals. They are the forgotten ones. Until now!"

I have to read this! Next up?
Flirt Club by Cathleen Daly (Roaring Brook/Jan 2011). How did I miss this one? This is why I love shelving at the junior high LRC. I missed this when it came out five years ago but it sounds so darn cute and I must read it now. Check it out:

"When two self-professed middle school drama geeks––Isabelle and Annie (a.k.a. Cisco and The Bean)––fail at their attempts in romance, they start Flirt Club, an after school support group for similarly afflicted friends who decide to take decisive and strategic action with hilarious and touching results."

Adorable! And it's told through notes and journal entries so I must check it out!

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