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Friday, December 7, 2012

The Espressologist News & Giveaway!

You guys remember when I announced that Vuguru had purchased the film option for The Espressologist?  This morning I got the news that they were exercising their option! Wheeee!

What does that mean? Well, books can be optioned by a production company and they hold the rights for a period of time (usually 1-3 years). During this time they figure out if they can make the project work. Like, secure funding, attach actors, producers etc. This guy explains the process pretty well. Some books get optioned again and again and nothing ever comes of it. Companies can't produce every book they option. But if they're ready to move forward with a book they'll take the next step and buy the rights.

And that just happened for Espressologist!

I'm so, so happy! This thing is really going to happen! I can't wait to see the characters from my first book come to life. Totally over the moon today!

So, I feel like doing a giveaway. :-) I'll be doing another one next week when Paparazzi Project comes out (did you mark it on Goodreads yet?) so please don't think I'm a nag for the next two weeks telling you to enter and win stuff. :-) Enter below to win a coffee date with The Espressologist (a signed copy of The Espressologist plus $5 Starcbucks giftcard). And hey, for this contest, there will be FIVE WINNERS!

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Sarah said...

I'm a follower

GFC - Sarah

Wendy said...

Awesome! Thank you and congratulations!

Rachael-Madison ^__^ said...

New GFC follower as "maddyson :D" Thanks so much for the giveaway & congratulations!!