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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stocking Up on Experiences

*cross-posted from author2author*

This week my son had a boy scout field trip to a rock quarry. I could have just dropped him off with the other scouts and picked him up two hours later. After all, it was freaking hot out (104 degrees according to my car) and I had my other three kids with me too. But I thought hmm, I've never been in a quarry. What if I can use this in a book someday? You never know. I can have a scene where my main character has to sneak into a quarry to meet a mysterious guy. Or hide a body. Whatever. :-) So I decided we should all stay and take the tour with them. And it was so cool! We took a bus down into the quarry, saw the massive trucks hauling limestone, saw the machines shooting the stone up from underground (they're mining underground now), fed the huge catfish in their lake, and picked up pretty crystal rocks. It was basically awesome and I'm so happy we decided to stay. 

What about you guys? Do you ever make yourself do something thinking you might someday use it in a book?

Below are some pics from the day.

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