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Monday, August 1, 2011

Beach Creatures, Book ideas, and Jillian Michaels

It's August and I'm kinda bummed. I'm so not ready for the summer to come to an end. But all of the back to school ads and registration forms are flooding in. Blah. So I'm trying to hurry up and get in all the summer activities I had planned for the summer. Like hit the beach.

This weekend we went to New Buffalo, Michigan, and it was gorgeous! Perfect day for the beach.

The kids had so much fun and loved picking up anything and everything on the beach. Like this:

Any guesses what it is?

We think those are teeth and that it's some kind of jaw. But who knows?

I'm also excited to start a new book idea! I love this part of the writing process! I just finished revising one book and my agent is reading it this week. Crossing fingers that she thinks it's ready to go. So now I'm ready to start something else. I have a middle grade I want to work on but I just got a great YA idea and I'm afraid if I don't write out at least the first few chapters I'll forget something.

I'm also getting ready for the release of JUST YOUR AVERAGE PRINCESS on 10/11. I love fall and it's a perfect fall book so I hope to be doing a lot of fun stuff with it. I'm trying a little promo experiment that I'm going to blog about Thursday on Author2Author and probably cross-post here. So more on that later.

My other summer goal was to get in shape! Well, I've been trying hard for awhile with spin classes and boot camps and muscle classes but things are not moving very quickly. So I'm adding in the Jillian Michaels 30-day shred on top. Yes, double workouts! I'm doing hers at 6:30am everyday and then doing class later in the morning. I may die at the end of the 30 days. It's only day 8 though and I'm still standing so we'll see.

Oh! And my other summer goal was to de-stress. I have no idea how to do that yet though. So if you any suggestions, throw them at me!

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