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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ta Ta Netflix!

Netflix announced this week that they will be raising their prices 60% starting in September. Surely this means there will be all kinds of great features added to make this spike worth it right? Nope. If you get Netflix already, you'll know it's a DVD in your mailbox (one at a time)/streaming service. The only problem is the DVDs come in any order Netflix feels like sending them, they come broken or scratched half the time so you don't get to actually watch the entire movie, you don't get the newest movies, and the streaming service only has really old, odd, no one rents them anyway, movies available. Ok, so why am I paying an extra 60% for this? The president of Netfilx thinks it's no biggie-- just the price of a couple of lattes a month he says. JUST A COUPLE OF LATTES? Have you met me? You want to take an additional 24 lattes away from me a year for your crappy service? Um, no.


I'm going to switch to some alternatives. For one, there's always Redbox. You can actually get newly released movies from them for only $1. Considering we only watch 3-4 DVDs a month, this isn't much. The library (at least mine) can get any newly released movie in as well. If they don't have it they'll get it from another library. I just go online, place the movies I'm looking for on hold, the library calls me when it's available, and I pick it up in the drive thru. Nice!

I wonder how many other Netflix customers will also be fed up and say, TA TA NETFLIX?

1 comment:

Lizz said...

Me! *raising hand*

I agree, no more Netflix for me unless they decide to cancel the increase.