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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Release Day!

My Fake Boyfriend is Better Than Yours hits bookstores today!! Yay!!!

What are my big huge plans for release day you wonder? Um, not much. Oh no, it's second baby syndrome! When my first book came out I partied all day! And now? Well, I'm so thrilled that it came out but I have a Mommy list a mile long to do today. Starting with weeping in the school parking lot because my baby girl started kindergarten. Oh wow, was that hard. But dang she looked adorable in her school uniform. Tomorrow she'll take the bus for the first time and I will of course follow the bus in my car. How long do you think I'll keep this up? Hmm. But back to the book. Yay, my sweet fun book is in stores! I will need to plan a visit to a Barnes and Nobles and take pics! And sign stock! And round out the day with my kettlebell class tonight. Ok seriously, my release day sounds kind of lame. Last year it was a spa day, with lunch out and cake. But that's all right, I love this second book just as much as the first! And tomorrow I will post the winner of the fake boyfriend so check back!


Rose Cooper said...

Yay!! How exciting! Congrats on your release day. I say enjoy it any way you want. It's your day completely. I can't wait to hit the stores and see it and point at it and be like, "um, I know this person, well, kinda sorta not really but I stalk her blog!"

David A. Bedford said...

Do I ever remember first day of kindergarten of my little girl, our youngest. And now she's a sophmore in college. How did that happen so fast?

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