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Friday, July 23, 2010

Goings On

Sorry I've been a little quiet! I'm busily getting ready for the launch of My Fake Boyfriend is Better Than Yours next month! I've been filling out lots of interviews, setting up events, and ordering cute stuff like this:

And my new Web site went live last week. I loooooooove it! Couldn't be more thrilled! I gushed about it on Author2Author this week (and included details on who designed it in case you're interested!). BTW, if ever I'm quiet over here I'm at Author2Author every Thursday!

Anyway, I'm really getting excited for this release! Reviews have been coming in and so far all have been good! Yay! That's always a worry. I mean, these books always sound great in my head but then I've got to hope the rest of the teen reading world agrees with me!

My first signing is going to me 9/11/10 at the Borders in Bolingbrook, IL. I love this Borders! They've always been so great to me so I'm thrilled to sign there first! I'll be there from 4-6p.m., yapping and reading from the book so please come if you're in the area! Address is here.

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