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Friday, April 25, 2008

Funny, Funny Stuff

Have I mentioned how much I love books set in England? I majorly, majorly love them! Before I got into young adult books I read tons of chick lit and most of it starred funny British women. Then when I started reading more young adult books I naturally also sought out the ones with the funny British MCs. Ok, so now I stumbled upon this HILARIOUS author, Sue Limb and these books:

Oh. My. God. This is funny, funny stuff. The main character in all of the books is this crazy but charming girl named Jess who just has the wildest thoughts like 24/7. Everything she says throughout the books had me laughing out loud. I've read a lot of funny books but these are some of the best for an awesomely funny MC.

In Girl 15, Jess has the hots for a super cutie, is struggling with jealousy over her gorgeous best friend, and also developing feelings for her hilarious guy friend Fred. Her dad isn't there but texts her funny messages, and she's dealing with her single mom and grandma. This is probably the best of the books and has one of the funniest scenes ever when Jess goes to a party with bags of minestrone in her bra.

In Girl Nearly 16, Jess and Fred are now together but pulled apart for the summer when her mom takes her and grandma on a trip to see dad. Dad has big news that Jess has to deal with and Jess is tortured with jealousy over her boyfriend being at home without her and wild ideas that he is hooking up with all kinds of girls (including her best friend). So freaking funny.

In Girl Going on 17, Jess is having romantic troubles when they are back at school and Fred decides he doesn't want to be a couple any more. Jess is trying to figure out the best way to share the news at school about her father being gay and deal with her mom's new dating life as well.

I totally recommend these books if you want a really great fun read!

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