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Monday, December 3, 2007

Revising The Espressologist

Revisions are hard.

About a month ago I got my first revision letter from my editor, filled with notes and helpful suggestions for things to change. At first, it was kind of overwhelming. I thought my book was already in good shape. But after spending lots of time thinking about it and playing around with different things, I tackled her notes and came up with a good draft. I was almost about to e-mail it back to her when one of my super fantastic critique partners offered to give it a look. And found more problems! Ack! There were some inconsistency problems that I swore to her were not in there but when I went back and re-read-- yup. She was right. Critique partners are INVALUABLE. So now I've updated the draft again and I think, or I should say hope, it is ready to go back to my editor. I re-read the book again tonight and luckily, I still love it. I'm not sure how many rounds of revisions we'll go through with this book but it can only get easier after the first round right? Ok, I'm crossing my fingers and off to hit send on the e-mail...

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